Once upon a nightfall, she read the same piece of paper again and again. “Please look in front of you my dear human and stop dwelling on that piece of paper that you’ve been staring at for the longest time. The words are never going to change unless you burn it away.” Bird Guide flew another paper through the air hoping it would reach her. She could only read the new note by burning the old one away. She was scared that if she let it go, it would make her cry.

She looked over at the rainbows and thought, “I wonder how many tears the sky would have had to weep in order to make two of them?” She threw her paper in the fire, looked at the rainbows and cried until she laughed.

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XL: 900mm x 1350mm
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Borders around prints are extra to sizes above and are as follows:
XL: 5cm Top & Sides, 6cm Bottom
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M: 3cm Top & Sides, 4cm Bottom
S: 2cm Top & Sides, 3cm Bottom

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