Snow did not rug up during its storm. It wanted to feel every ounce of coldness that was being born. It wanted to feel icy for as long as possible…this way when the sun would come to melt its white home, it would be able to embrace the dewiness of its new- found warmth.

Everyone in the land opened their eyes after a long winter’s sleep. There was endless possibility weaving through the air. They saw the grace and hope piercing through their eyes. Their hearts were irreversibly peaceful. The land was now covered in warm silver frost.

Extra Large/Large Prints- Limited Editions of 50
Medium/Small Prints – Open Editions



XL, L, M, S


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Size Guide:
XL: 900mm x 1200mm
L: 600mm x 800mm
M: 450mm x 600mm
S: 300mm x 400mm

Borders around prints are extra to sizes above and are as follows:
XL: 5cm Top & Sides, 6cm Bottom
L: 4cm Top & Sides, 5cm Bottom
M: 3cm Top & Sides, 4cm Bottom
S: 2cm Top & Sides, 3cm Bottom

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