And she finally understood the language of the universe. Every speck was magnified into a million pieces. She realised that her heart had orchestrated every encounter she ever had, every doubt she ever thought and every feeling ever felt ~ just in order to undo and unwrap every encounter ever had, every doubt ever thought and every feeling ever felt.

Each opening became a gift and piece of wisdom. However, these gifts were not just for her, they were more so for the ones who had orchestrated their own pieces that gravitated towards hers. Everyone’s contrasts were a blessing. Every mark ever created, especially the ones that were restricted could now breathe into complete expansion.

Extra Large/Large Prints- Limited Editions of 50
Medium/Small Prints – Open Editions


XL, L, M, S


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Size Guide:
XL: 900mm x 1200mm
L: 600mm x 800mm
M: 450mm x 600mm
S: 300mm x 400mm

Borders around prints are extra to sizes above and are as follows:
XL: 5cm Top & Sides, 6cm Bottom
L: 4cm Top & Sides, 5cm Bottom
M: 3cm Top & Sides, 4cm Bottom
S: 2cm Top & Sides, 3cm Bottom

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