Once upon a time, The Empress Bird thought of her wings as weak. But that was only because nobody ever taught her that there was such a thing as gentle strength. Once she realised that’s what she had been holding within her feathers for all of her lifetimes, she began to rise from the ashes. Everyone wanted to be a part of her kingdom and everything that she touched including the past turned to gold.

Extra Large/Large Prints- Limited Editions of 50
Medium/Small Prints – Open Editions




XL, L, M, S


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Size Guide:
XL: 900mm x 1200mm
L: 600mm x 800mm
M: 450mm x 600mm
S: 300mm x 400mm

Borders around prints are extra to sizes above and are as follows:
XL: 5cm Top & Sides, 6cm Bottom
L: 4cm Top & Sides, 5cm Bottom
M: 3cm Top & Sides, 4cm Bottom
S: 2cm Top & Sides, 3cm Bottom

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