“What the hell is happening to my Unicorn friend and why is he turning into an Eeyore?” Human asked her bird guides. ⁣

⁣They replied, “Our dear Human, it seems your Unicorn has been holding onto so much hope that it’s depleted him.” ⁣

⁣Human responded, “Being a Unicorn, you would think hope would fuel him….” ⁣

⁣Bird guides answered, “Hope was very popular back in the day but now we are encouraging young creatures to embrace Courage instead. It allows you to take a more balanced approach and action towards that which you are hopeful for.” ⁣

⁣Human asked, “Will he return back to his old self?” ⁣

⁣Bird guides replied, “Unfortunately his droopiness is quite advanced but we have hope that he will return to a newer and more wise Unicorn soon enough. Once he has the courage to move, his world will look yellow and bright.”⁣


XL, L, M, S


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Size Guide:
XL: 900mm x 1200mm
L: 600mm x 800mm
M: 450mm x 600mm
S: 300mm x 400mm

Borders around prints are extra to sizes above and are as follows:
XL: 5cm Top & Sides, 6cm Bottom
L: 4cm Top & Sides, 5cm Bottom
M: 3cm Top & Sides, 4cm Bottom
S: 2cm Top & Sides, 3cm Bottom

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