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The Power of Imagery

Art Therapy can transform...

Limiting beliefs into Self Confidence

Constriction into Expression

Challenges into Gifts

Fear into Faith


Art therapy is a therapeutic process using different art modalities in order for the client to express and explore what is taking place for them.


A lot of children and even adults sometimes find it difficult to find the right words to express how they feel. With the use of imagery and symbols the subconscious and conscious mind are given the opportunity to be heard and seen in a different way.


A lot of therapies may concentrate on eliminating what is “wrong”. I enter each of my sessions making space for each child or client to look at what feels uncomfortable but also offer opportunities to identify strengths and focus on how and what will encourage them to move through these challenges.


Art Therapy is a very nurturing and gentle approach and we trust that whatever is meant to come up in a session will. Usually whatever the client is ready to work through will arise through the art work.

When a client creates an image, they are in a space of curiosity and wonder. They are allowing the images to speak to them and present them with a new perspective -  a window into their inner world.

How I created my practice - Little Seeds Big Trees

In 2009 after completing my Bachelor of Visual Arts at Monash University and Diploma of Art Therapy at The Phoenix Institute in Melbourne Australia, I recognised that there was a need to develop a practice to ensure that children are able to express themselves creatively and in doing so they have a voice and they are valued.

I worked in kindergartens for a few years before creating Little Seeds Big Trees - Art Therapy for Kids, a place where children can be themselves and express themselves through art. Little Seeds Big Trees is not about conventional art classes for children BUT it is about children finding ways to articulate their world in a variety of artistic mediums. Even kindergarten children have to deal with issues of self esteem. As they grow up in an ever changing complex world, Little Seeds Big Trees is gentle reminder of the endless possibilities that come with feeling good about oneself. 

Within a magical and homely environment, children are encouraged to express themselves artistically. Children can express their feelings both verbally and non verbally through the combination of various artistic modalities. In a comfortable and relaxed space the emphasis is on the unique experiences and wishes of each individual child. It is through art that knowledge is exchanged and creativity and innovation are nurtured. 


Would you like to create a piece of artwork that helps to support your current circumstances? Does your child need a safe space to step into their full authentic self expression?

What I offer:

Intuitive Painting Sessions for Adults

Over a period of 6 weeks we will complete a canvas from start to finish through discovery and experimentation. No artistic background needed, only the desire and curiosity to create! 

Art Therapy for Kids (one on one sessions)

For clients aged 4+ 

Tailored to your child's needs. Sessions are focused on building imagination, articulating feelings through a range of creative mediums such as painting, drawing, clay work, collage and more...

Sandplay Therapy for Kids (one on one sessions) 

This involves “free expression, free creation within a safe boundary.” Sandplay is sometimes described as an x-ray of the psyche. We begin with an empty sandtray and as the session evolves, figurines are placed inside the tray; they can be moved, altered, changed at any time. These figurines help symbolise certain aspects of the child’s internal and external world.

Instead of focusing on immediate behavioural problems or emotional disturbances, creating in the sand allows the unconscious to be projected onto the symbols. Trusting this concept; that what ever needs to be addressed will be reflected inside the sandtray. These symbols then provide spontaneous room for problem solving and behavioural transformations. The act of imaginary play and the excitement of being able to choose any of the magical figurines, all which are at the child's disposal, builds a sense of freedom making it possible for them to feel more at ease, enabling open communication and healing.

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