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"Unfold Your Own Myth." - Rumi

I have always been a storyteller.  Since I was very young, I’ve gravitated towards creativity and loved anything that offered me the freedom to use my imagination. At school, I always felt more comfortable with the creative subjects and decided those were the areas I wanted to immerse myself in. I grew up in a very creative environment. My grandfather was a writer, my grandmother was in fashion and loved working with colour and fabric. I come from a family of poets and storytellers. As a young child, I always loved making up stories and doing anything that was encompassed by magic.  The way I would quiet down my mind was by connecting to symbols and imagery that provided me with a sense of comfort. I would then take these images and create tales and worlds inside my mind and see creatures and make-believe characters in the walls, in the sky – and anywhere my mind could drift off to, softer places. As an adult, I find myself doing the same. If something feels uncertain or dark, I allow my mind to take me to a better feeling place. I write down my stories that usually mirror my current circumstances and then I allow myself to transform them into hopes for the future. I get to choose the endings. I dream up stories to match my desires. I reach for stories that are nourishing and then I share them through my creative practices.


Let’s Work Together!

Are you a book illustrator who would like to help me bring my stories to life?

I have so many stories that are just waiting for the perfect collaboration.
Most of them are for children - each inspiring and encouraging self awareness and self love.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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