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Intuitive Painting

"The reason why I love to paint is because I'm able to create any desired outcome even if it's not through conscious action.
I just have to feel it and somehow it all magically unfolds."

When I am in front of the blank canvas, I have no pre-conceived ideas of what will take place. However, I always begin with the intention of inviting in something that is true, loving and healing. During my process, multiple layers and narratives have to appear and then disappear before I settle on a final image.

I choose to accept that there are imperfections on my canvas; it allows for being authentic and connected to the emotions that invariably arise as my painting evolves. The rawness and incompleteness of each brushstroke creates the space for my stories to keep unfolding, even after the paintbrush has been put down.

My works are the place where memories and dreams meet. Bird like creatures and other whimsical images emerge intuitively onto the canvas.  Current works embody universal themes of love and loss, vulnerability and strength. Colour, symbol and metaphor are woven together creating magical worlds of renewed possibility. 

Above Artwork: 'Eternal Bloom'

As much as my paintings are about the final image - they are just as much about the images along the way that become stepping stones for deeper understanding. Most of the time I don't now how long the journey will take or even how I hold onto so much trust when it comes to shifting my images again and again. My canvases offer multiple endings and at times I almost choose to cut the path short because I think that will be the safer option. However, when the desire for my images to keep moving and growing feel much bigger, I have to follow that inner voice - even when that means letting go. Sometimes this process causes me to say goodbye to images I wish I could retrieve, but I recognise the need for them to disappear and transform so that I can continue to create without resistance. Painting intuitively reminds me to practice that feeling of perseverance and faith of making it to the other side. It allows me to move through any losses or memories, any old beliefs or ideas that need  readjusting including any emotions that have stayed stuck...just so I can begin again.

This piece is called 'The Home Straight'

Music by Ludovico Einaudi

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